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Welcome to Marchiano Health & Fitness

“I can do All things through Christ who gives me strength!”

Welcome to Marchiano Health & Fitness.

I am like a lot of parents, my life is very busy. I know what it is like to be a busy parent. I wasn’t always like that because I was not in good health or had the energy to live the life God gave me and my family deserved. In February 2012, I was in 36″ pants and 200 pounds, high cholesterol, blood sugar, and triglycerides, on medicine for all 3, danger levels for diabetes, and very low on energy. With the desire to not continue down that road and through Beachbody’s workout programs and supplements, I dropped 30 plus pounds and am no longer on any of those medicines.


I have an amazing wife and 2 wonderful kids that God has blessed me with. I run the operations of an IT company helping small business with their IT strategy and providing support. Besides being a busy working dad, my wife and I do a lot for our kids and for our community. Both our kids are involved in sports and scouting, which we both volunteer for both. I also am very active in my Church and volunteer for the Knights of Columbus, in which I have served many leadership roles. I thrive on being the busy parent and being a role model for my kids and a man my wife can be proud of.

I help busy parents focus on their health and gain energy and focus through online accountability groups where we simplify and organize your day.
I want to help you because I know giving 100% to your spouse and kids can lead to sacrificing things for yourself. My life changed when I gave permission to myself to focus on my health and shared my goal with my family of being a healthier, happier husband and father.

This is what I will do to help you grow and succeed, while still giving you the time to focus on your family. I run online accountability and support groups that will provide you the laser focus and motivation for you to reach your health and fitness goals. I will help you organize your life by helping you meal prep to improve your nutrition and it’s a way to include the entire family.

My goal is to help empower the busy mom or dad to focus on their own health and enjoy their family even more.

Empower Your Family

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